Victoria’s Secret – the stuff dreams are made of…

Do any of us know guys that do NOT drool as soon as the words ‘Victoria’s Secret’ are mentioned?

Do any of us not get secretly jealous when we see those immaculate bodies at the annual Victoria’s SEcret fashion shows strutting down the runway and driving every man crazy. Don’t we (female folk here) all wish we could just fall asleep and wake up with the body of Adriana Lima or Karolina Kurkova? Ah, Victoria’s SEcret – the stuff legends and dreams are made of…

One look at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show or even just at their online store confirms that all of this is rightly so. The online store has some great deals on SALE right now! Use the Pound against that Dollar and add that extra va-va-vhoom to your wardrobe right now!

Check out some of the really really hot stuff they have on SALE right now:

Hot hot Fredericks of Hollywood!


~ by Noa on May 28, 2008.

One Response to “Victoria’s Secret – the stuff dreams are made of…”

  1. i think i just want adriana lima’s face… LOL

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