Herbal Skin Doctor – Anti Stretch Mark Cream

For all of you who are (like me) feeling doomed for life thanks to horrible stretchmarks that mother nature decided to bestow on you – here’s another remedy to try out: Herbal Skin Doctor’s Anti Stretch Mark Cream:

Product Description
Visibly Reduces the Appearance of Stretch Marks and Helps Prevent New Ones Forming.Stretch marks are those silvery white scars that appear when the skin has been damaged through stretching during pregnancy, body building, sudden growth spurts, or fluctuations in weight. Stretching damages the elastic fibres, collagen and protein – important elements that hold the skin cells together.

Anti Stretch Mark minimises imperfections and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Anti Stretch Mark refines uneven skin texture and improves skin firmness and elasticity to leave you with skin you’ll be proud to show off. It Improves the overall appearance of the skin by increasing skin firmness and elasticity while helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Specifically formulated to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks during weight loss, sudden growth spurts and body building. Anti Stretch Mark is packed full of nourishing, natural ingredients to moisturise the skin and prevent stretch marks by increasing the suppleness and condition.


~ by Noa on June 9, 2008.

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