I have sinned – dress splurge at YesStyle!

Now, I don’t know about you but I just totally love dresses! All colours, cuts, shapes, materials…if it’s a dress I’ll most likely pick it over anything else anyday. I know most people associate dresses with summer dresses on the whole but I wear them all year round, just layer it up with sweaters, scarves and jackets and a dress is winter compatible as well!

Loving fashion I obviously love designer fashion but then my budget doesn’t often allow major designer clothing splurges so I resort to hunting for the ultimate steals and finding quirky specials on the high street and online. Today, I’ve been royally feeding my thirst for dresses and have just splurged on the following dresses! They should be arriving in about 10-14 days – can’t wait!!

YesStyle ship worldwide for free (from $ 200) and I’ve been shopping at their store for atleast 2 years now – they’re never messed up a single order, if it isn’t in stock they tranfer the cash back to your card, you get email updates on the processing and they always deliver on time as promised! With the immense choice of products and fantastic prices there is NO reason to not shop here.


~ by Noa on June 15, 2008.

One Response to “I have sinned – dress splurge at YesStyle!”

  1. I love these dresses you put online. Id love to sell them in my store:-)

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