The Jacket Hunt – the cute Korean Bolero! So Kawaii!

No matter how much I shop and how much I could consider myself a bargain hunting-vintage store scouring-secret fashion finding professional shopper, there are some things that even to the best shopper remain a major pain to hunt for (one thing being the ultimate pair of jeans that we are all longing for, but that’s a while different topic). The other being the right jacket in the right material, right colour and right cut for the right time of year – does this tend to be found?! Uhmmmm no…so lets have a look around and see what we come across for now…

Today YesStyle brings us this super cute and absolutely adorable little structured bolero – ready to go with any dress or even a pair of jeans, wear it out in the evening or even to work! This is such a super flexible bolero – like you’ve never seen before! And at just $52.00 it’s an absolute steal as well! Available in gray and white.

**‘The Jacket Hunt’ is going to be a weekly feature with different styles, designers, stores and jackets being presented each time.


~ by Noa on June 16, 2008.

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