Oh yeah baby, please skyscrape me! The Master – Manolo Blahnik!

If you’re anything like me, then you just can’t get enough of luxury high heels. Designer high heels. Stilettos. High heeled court shoes. High heeled pumps. High heeled sandals. High wedges. High heeled boots. Any colour, any material, just keep ‘em skyscraper high and I’ll be at your party!

Soooo, this week as a part of the launch of the ‘Oh yeah baby, please skyscrape me!’ weekly coloumn I bring you the only man I could personally honestly dedicate it to – the master of skyscraper heels. We love him and we worship him. He started out with making shoes for his cats out of aluminium foil when he was a teenager in Spain – aren’t we grateful that he’s moved on from there! And moved on he sure has – Spain to Geneva to Paris to every woman’s heart! Greet the skyscrape master: the one and only Manolo Blahnik.

Yes, you men out there might not believe it or be willing to believe this but yes, a middle aged and balding, chubby Spanish-Czech man is capable of bringing supermodels, movie stars and all other women on this planet down to their knees swooning for him…

Yes, if my house would burn down and I could only save 3 things – it would have to be my passport, bank cards and my Manolos?


** – Skyscrape me is a weekly feature strictly about the highest of high heels, those beauties that combine pain, wealth, status, elegance and desire all in one with different styles, designers, stores and brands being presented each time.

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~ by Noa on June 17, 2008.

One Response to “Oh yeah baby, please skyscrape me! The Master – Manolo Blahnik!”

  1. […] beloved boots – skyscraper high heels! Anyone familiar with FashioNoa will know Skyscrape Me (with the lovely feature on the true Master Manolo Blahnik) – well, now we’re featuring similiar beauties all on here…all month […]

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