DKNY Delicious…

Two summers ago I got myself this absolutely delicious new perfume – it was light, fresh, breezy and just absolutely perfect for the summer. I was so into this perfume that I got myself the shower gel, the lip gloss and the deodorant as well. Yup, this delicious scent was “Be Delicious” by DKNY. Now this was Donna Karan New York’s first “Be Delicious” perfume. Since then she’s come up with a red one and now a “midnight delicious” as well. If you ask me, the original bright green, apple-ish first Delicious still rules over the others by far, but here you have them all lined up in one go:

The original first green apple Delicious (the one I loved so much I kept eating the lipgloss!!):

The second RED edition of the “Be Delicious”:

The NEW DKNY Be Delicious Midnight Edition:

For more great links to scents and perfumes, please go to:


~ by Noa on July 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “DKNY Delicious…”

  1. :O

  2. I have the first-green ,
    & they smell very nice.


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