The perfect day to night dress – by Phillip Lim

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All of us ladies out there know how hard it is to find those special pieces that are subtle enough for the daytime and still have that extra glamour to go the night. It’s so easy to overdo the day with a dress thats actually meant for the evening and no one wants to show up in the evening completely underdressed just because you were trying not to overdo it during office hours. We have the solution – Phillip Lim’s beautiful black silk dress:

Understated Elegance - Phillip Lim

Understated Elegance - Phillip Lim

Not only the ladylike cut (slim silhouette and elegant pencil skirt) of the dress but also the beautiful fabric – 100% silk in black with a subtle gold design and the lovely details (feminine ruffle at the breast and hip with elegant pleats whisked across the dress).

feminine ruffles add that extra touch - Phillip Lim

feminine ruffles add that extra touch - Phillip Lim

Get it now at Matches Fashion for £410.00 only! Not only this beautiful dress but also a whole range of other great Phillip Lim designs are to be found here as well.


Pyjama Room – massive SUMMER SALES!! 50% OFF now!

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Pyjama Room brings a whole new meaning to how women dress at home. Our philosophy being that women should still be able to feel elegant and stylish without compromising on comfort. The range is mix and match, cut from beautifully soft fabric and extremely flattering. Perfect for wearing around the home and to bed, unwinding in after work, long haul travel and throwing over a bikini on holiday.

What’s so special about the Pyjama Room Collection?! THE FABRIC: This is the magic ingredient. Pyjama Room have sourced the finest luxury modal, made from sustainable beechwoods and is 100% natural. It washes well, holds colour and best of all has an exceptionally luxurious feel and drape like quality.

Read the amazing recommendations and references the Pyjama Room Collection has received at the Good Web Guide, The Brides Magazine and Marie Claire to only mention a few high profile reviews!

Pyjama Room now have an awesome upto 50% off SUMMER SALEon right now!! Now you can get those luxurious fabrics at more affordable prices. Get comfy in luxury now:

Smocked dress 30% off available on navy stripe, brown stripe and blush stripe: reduced now from £70 to only £49!

Cami dress 40% off available on navy stripe, brown stripe and navy: reduced now from £65 to only £39! As reviewed & recommended by MARIE CLAIRE:

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DKNY Delicious…

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Two summers ago I got myself this absolutely delicious new perfume – it was light, fresh, breezy and just absolutely perfect for the summer. I was so into this perfume that I got myself the shower gel, the lip gloss and the deodorant as well. Yup, this delicious scent was “Be Delicious” by DKNY. Now this was Donna Karan New York’s first “Be Delicious” perfume. Since then she’s come up with a red one and now a “midnight delicious” as well. If you ask me, the original bright green, apple-ish first Delicious still rules over the others by far, but here you have them all lined up in one go:

The original first green apple Delicious (the one I loved so much I kept eating the lipgloss!!):

The second RED edition of the “Be Delicious”:

The NEW DKNY Be Delicious Midnight Edition:

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The Jacket Hunt – the hotstuff Italian designer leather jacket!

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Aaaah, there are some designers we all love, no matter how many excuses any of you might be able to dig up as reasons to dislike them. One such duo are the invincible Dolce & Gabbana – this duo for one has changed the fashion landscape like none other. From designing for practically ALL superstars (not the least their muse and our superwoman Madonna), Domenico and Stefano also design the most sexy and extravagant items for all of us as well.

This week in The Jacket Hunt – Dolce & Gabbana black leather jacket – A gorgeous black leather funnel neck jacket with both zip and flap pockets on the front. The waist has been elasticised for a perfect and comfortable fit to make this hot and sexy jacket nice and comfy at the same time! AND its even on SALE now – reduced half price!!

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The Cute Korean Bolero!

Oh yeah baby, please skyscrape me! The Master – Manolo Blahnik!

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If you’re anything like me, then you just can’t get enough of luxury high heels. Designer high heels. Stilettos. High heeled court shoes. High heeled pumps. High heeled sandals. High wedges. High heeled boots. Any colour, any material, just keep ‘em skyscraper high and I’ll be at your party!

Soooo, this week as a part of the launch of the ‘Oh yeah baby, please skyscrape me!’ weekly coloumn I bring you the only man I could personally honestly dedicate it to – the master of skyscraper heels. We love him and we worship him. He started out with making shoes for his cats out of aluminium foil when he was a teenager in Spain – aren’t we grateful that he’s moved on from there! And moved on he sure has – Spain to Geneva to Paris to every woman’s heart! Greet the skyscrape master: the one and only Manolo Blahnik.

Yes, you men out there might not believe it or be willing to believe this but yes, a middle aged and balding, chubby Spanish-Czech man is capable of bringing supermodels, movie stars and all other women on this planet down to their knees swooning for him…

Yes, if my house would burn down and I could only save 3 things – it would have to be my passport, bank cards and my Manolos?

** – Skyscrape me is a weekly feature strictly about the highest of high heels, those beauties that combine pain, wealth, status, elegance and desire all in one with different styles, designers, stores and brands being presented each time.

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My Beauty Secrets

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Discount Cosmetics Make Up & Fragrances With Free Shipping is one of the UK’s largest online retailers specialising in discount cosmetics, fragrances, anti-aging treatments, slimming, hair and bodycare. Customers can benefit from savings up to 65% on leading branded products and up to 85% on the inhouse cosmetics range. The store offers over 60 top name exclusive brands with huge savings when compared to regular retail prices. With attractive fresh and continuous offers, customers just find it hard to resist!

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The Jacket Hunt – the cute Korean Bolero! So Kawaii!

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No matter how much I shop and how much I could consider myself a bargain hunting-vintage store scouring-secret fashion finding professional shopper, there are some things that even to the best shopper remain a major pain to hunt for (one thing being the ultimate pair of jeans that we are all longing for, but that’s a while different topic). The other being the right jacket in the right material, right colour and right cut for the right time of year – does this tend to be found?! Uhmmmm no…so lets have a look around and see what we come across for now…

Today YesStyle brings us this super cute and absolutely adorable little structured bolero – ready to go with any dress or even a pair of jeans, wear it out in the evening or even to work! This is such a super flexible bolero – like you’ve never seen before! And at just $52.00 it’s an absolute steal as well! Available in gray and white.

**‘The Jacket Hunt’ is going to be a weekly feature with different styles, designers, stores and jackets being presented each time.